Coppercoat Marine Antifouling Paint

Posted By vipin on Oct 30, 2015 |

Coppercoat is the most durable and long lasting anti-foul coating currently available. Millions of boat owners worldwide are in the habit of lifting and repainting their boats every year. Coppercoat puts an end to this costly and time-consuming exercise.

Coppercoat’s hard-wearing and densely copper-filled epoxy resin provides protection against unwanted marine growth and repeatedly saves boat owners and operators the traditionally annual task of re-antifouling.

A single treatment commonly provides a high level of anti-fouling protection for a decade or more, and it’s widely reported that coppercoat on many of the earliest treated vessels is still performing well after 20 years of immersion!

Coppercoat is suitable for DIY application by roller and by being non-conductive can be used (with the appropriate primer) on all surfaces including GRP, cast iron, steel, wood, Ferro cement and aluminum.

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